A Chechen Film about Disappearances

Days of Hope - a Chechen Film about Disappearances (2011)

This film tells the story of six of the 5,000 plus people who have "disappeared” in Chechnya since the beginning of the second Chechen War in 1999. Working in an adverse environment, Zulay Magazieva has interviewed relatives to the disappeared, filmed when mass graves were being dug up, and brought her footage out of the country in order to finish her film. Although it took her ten years to finally make this film, the actuality of the problem unfortunately remains unchanged. The film intends to explain the universal reality of “disappearances”, primarily the catastrophic impact on relatives to the disappeared, and attract attention to the limits of international justice.
Zulay Magazieva (born 1974) is a Chechen journalist. Several of Magazieva’s close relatives are among the disappeared.

The film is a co-production between Z-Dokumentar and Clausen Film.

Practical Information
Running Time: 28:55
No. of Reels: 1
Format: Digi Beta, 1:1.77 Wide Screen
Language/subtitles: English, French, Danish

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