The Copenhagen Muay Thai Trilogy (2022)
On the outskirts of Copenhagen there is a place, where you immidiately feel at home - whoever you are. A place so full of explosive energy, that you keep coming back for more. That place is Copenhagen Muay Thai, a Thai boxing club. In three mini documentaries the trilogy shows life at the club and follows two of it's youngest fighters, Anas, eight, and Sabrina, eleven.
Running time:            17:30 minutes
Language/subtitles:  Danish

The Cannibals - Voices from 1944 (2020)
The story of the deportation of the Chechens, told by surviviors, who were children at the time. In February 1944 all inhabitants of the then Checheno-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic were deported from their home in the Caucasus to Central Asia as enemies of the Soviet Union. Many died during the journey or upon arrival, from cold and hunger. This historic trauma is an inseparable part of every Chechen, including the director, Zulay Magazieva, who weaves the fate of her own family into the narrative.
The film is a co-production between Z-dokumentar and Kong Gulerod Film.
Running time:             52:25 minutes
Language/subtitles:   English
Distribution:                anders@kgfilm.dk
Thunderstruck - a Film about Fighting (2019)
Karitas grew up on a small farm on Iceland, but is now studying in Copenhagen. In the summer of 2017 she is looking for a new sport and takes up Muay Thai - also known as Thai Boxing. Noi grew up with Thai boxing as part of everyday life. Karitas dreams about winning. Noi can see her potential and shows her, through merciless training, humility and the disappointment of defat,  the path to the final test - the Danish Championship 2018.
The film is a co-production between Z-Dokumentar and Kong Gulerod FIlm.
Running time:            29:46 minutes
Language/subtitles:  English
Distribution:               anders@kgfilm.dk
A Chechen Film about Disappearances

Days of Hope - a Chechen Film about Disappearances (2011)

The story of six of the 5,000 plus people who have "disappeared” in Chechnya since the beginning of the second Chechen War in 1999. The film intends to explain the universal reality of “disappearances”, primarily the catastrophic impact on relatives to the disappeared, and attract attention to the limits of international justice.
The film is a co-production between Z-Dokumentar and Clausen Film.

Running time:            28:55 minutes

Language/subtitles:  English, French, Danish

Distribution:               anders@kgfilm.dk